Ecton Village

Kings Jubilee - Adults

1. Dorothy Simcoe
2. Vera Tipler
3. John Line
4. Tom Dicks (Rectory farm, son of 12)
5. Phil Bugby (Three Horse Shoes)
6. Maggie Charleton (Betty Cunningham’s cousin)
7. May Johnson
8. Walter Brain
9. Edgar Dicks (son of 12, nephew of 13)
10. Mrs Wise – cook at Ecton Hall
11. Mrs Sotheby
12. Mr John Dicks (South Lodge)
13. Edgar Dicks (farmer at Manor Farm, brother of 12)
14. John Campion (baker)
15. Mrs John Dicks (South Lodge)
16. Steve Eales (publican at the Three Horse Shoes)
17. Mr Smith (gamekeeper)
18. Mr Wise (Head Gardener)
19. Colonel Sotheby

20. Mr Cooper (chauffeur)
21. Mrs Field (lived next to the church)
22. John Shackshaft (son of the Butler to Colonel Sotheby)
23. Miss Proctor (Mrs Sotheby’s lady’s maid)
24. Betty Labram (now Cunningham)
25. Charlie Tapp (horseman at Manor farm)
26. Eileen Moody
27. Em Bazeley
28. Edith Smith
29. Emily Smith
30. Mrs Copnall* (wife of the carpenter, Joyce Orford’s granny)
31. Mrs Tom Pinney (she had nine children)
32. Nellie ? (servant at Ecton Hall)
33. Hannah Smith (cook for Canon Jepherson)
34. ???
35. Horace Simcoe
36. Mrs Smith / Grey? (wife of the ex gamekeeper)
37. Bill Johnson (carpenter)

* denotes a query on the spelling of this name
? denotes a query on the name itself
If you are able to identify another person in this photograph or advise on the spelling of names please contact us.