Ecton Village

54 High Street

54 High Street was at various times an off-license and a shop. There are a few mysteries to research, such as whether it really was once a pub, and whether the 'B' in the stone to be found on the High Street side of the house signifies Bagley - a family who lived in the Village.

Many thanks to David and Mary Dicks for supplying the information below:

"Mr and Mrs Reynolds moved out and closed the shop about 1970 having been there for about 12 years and built the bungalow next door. Then 54 was bought by Roy and June Cornwell and drastically altered inside and stayed about 4 years. After Colonel Wetherall died, Mrs Wetherall left The Cot and purchased 54 and occasionally her handicapped son Geoffrey stayed with her some weekends but didn't live there permanently. After Mrs Wetherall died Paul Darwin bought 54."

Mrs Wetherall has a mention in the Youth Club History. Before the building was built, she held meetings in her then home, The Cot.

Mike Ward and Vickie Jaffee bought 54 High Street from Paul Darwin in April of 2002. Mike is a Cryptographer and Vickie is writing a computer game. Vickie suggested the village website project to Margaret Tinston, who used to live in Rectory Farm and Margaret marshalled the forces to make it happen.

In 2012, Paul and Caroline De Jongh bought 54 from Mike and Vickie.