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The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and exists to represent the interests of the whole of the parish of Ecton.

The full Council consists of nine members, all members live within the Parish. 

Current members of the Parish Council

Councillor Sally Bresnahan - Chair.

Councillor Nigel Bond was recently co-opted onto the Parish Council on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

Councillor Bill Brophy 

Councillor David Dicks – Noticeboard Contact

Councillor Paul Godby – Street Lighting Contact

Councillor Martyn Hope

Councillor Mike Littlewood

Councillor Alistair McCarter

Councillor Tyrone Moffett

Councillors are elected every four years (next election being May 2020 - A year later than usual due to the creation of 2 Unitray Councils) All Councillors live in the community. The position is purely voluntary and attracts no payment.

The Clerk

Mrs Shirley Wong - The Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer is the only Council employee. The Clerk is normally the first point of contact with the Parish Council from the electors point of view.  

Shirley has eleven years experience working as a Parish Clerk / Responsible Financial Officer since 2008.

Shirley became a fully qualified Clerk  in June 2017 after completing the lengthy CiLCA Course, which is a National Qualification for Parish Clerks.


The Parish Council strives to improve the appearance and safety of the Parish of Ecton. The Council has direct responsibility for the bus shelters, shrine, street lighting and the management of the playing field for the benefit of all residents. It is the responsibility of the Parish Council to represent the interests of the whole community. Councillors have a responsibility to keep up to date with local issues.

The Parish Council is consulted on a range of planning and highway proposals that affect the parish.

The Parish Council raises money through a local tax (precept) for projects that benefit its residents. 

If you have any questions that you would like answered, or want to share any views with the Council or even spot any problems that need reporting in the Parish, please contact the Clerk. Mrs Shirley Wong in the first instance.

On this website you can find information about the Ecton Parish Council, it's history, members, and download council documents such as minutes and agendas.


Parish Council meetings are held 6 times per year, Bi-monthly on the third Tuesday of odd numbered months (Jan, March, May, etc.). From January 2019 meetings will start at the earlier time 7.00pm and are held in the Village Hall. Please contact the Parish Clerk, Shirley Wong for more information.

Remaining Meeting dates for the current Financial year 2019/2020

The following Tuesdays at 7pm in the Village Hall,

17th September, 19th November,

21st January 2010, 17th March and

The Annual Meeting of the Parish on 19th May 2020,

followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

Contact Details for the Parish Council


Mrs. Shirley Wong

33 Friars Avenue




☎ 01604 700691


   Mrs. Sally Bresnahan
   12 The Courtyard
   Church Way
   NN6 0QE
   ☎ 01604 403027

   Mr Nigel Bond
   34 West Street
   NN6 0QF
   ☎ 01604 948040

   Mr. William Brophy 
   2 Wellingborough Road
   NN6 0QH
   ☎ 01604 408588

   40 West Street
   NN6 0QF
   ☎ 01604 407145

   16 West Street
   NN6 0QF
   ☎ 01604 416184

   Mr Martyn Hope
   49 West Street
   NN6 0QF

   Mr. Mike Littlewood
   20 Church View
   NN6 0QW
   ☎ 07727 651601

   Mr. Alistair McCarter
   35 High Street
   NN6 0QA
   ☎ 07917 796844

   Mr. Tyrone Moffett
   36 West Street
   NN6 0QF
   ☎ 01604 407474