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Neighbourhood Plan

Ecton Neighbourhood Plan


A Neighbourhood Plan enables a local community to have a greater say about the use and development of land and buildings in their area. If a plan is prepared and agreed by the community in a referendum it will become part of the development plan for the area and will be used in the determination of planning applications.

The Ecton Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) will provide a shared vision of our neighbourhood together with a number of objectives and planning policies to help realise the vision. It will cover a 15 year period (2016-2031).

Preparation of the Plan is the responsibility of the Parish Council. In 2012 it set up a Steering Group composed of members of the Parish Council and the community to prepare a plan for the Parish.

This page will be updated as the plan progresses and is the place to find information on the key stages of consultation, including how to comment, as well as emerging drafts of the plan and any accompanying documentation.

Current stage

Pre-submission Draft (Regulation 14) Plan

Consultation on the Pre-Submission Plan will take place between April 15th and May 31st 2019.

This is the first formal or statutory stage of public consultation - Pre-submission Draft Plan (April 2019).

Neighbourhood Plan leaflet providing a brief summary of the Plan and details of how to comment has been delivered to households in the Parish.

There will be a drop-in session at 6.00 pm in the Village Hall on Tuesday 21st May, prior to the Annual Meeting of the Parish and the Annual Parish Council Meeting (AGM) at 7.00pm.

Other key stakeholders have been informed of the consultation.

This stage follows on from earlier consultation on an Emerging Draft of the Plan (see earlier stages, below). A schedule summarising comments received at that stage and setting out the response of the Steering Group can be found in the Emerging Draft Summary of Representations and Responses.

An evidence base of documents used in the preparation of the Plan has been compiled.

What happens next?

  • Following consideration of comments on the Pre-Submission Draft Plan, a ‘Submission Neighbourhood Plan’, incorporating any further changes, will be submitted to the Borough Council for examination by an independent examiner. We hope to reach this stage in Autumn 2019.
  • The examiner will issue a report which will recommend whether the Plan should proceed to a referendum or not and will indicate any changes that should be made to the document.
  • Subsequently, the Borough Council will consider the examiner’s report and make any necessary changes to the Plan.
  • If the Neighbourhood Plan is to proceed to a referendum, you will be given the opportunity, provided that you are on the electoral roll, to vote on whether it should be brought into force. We hope to reach this stage towards the middle of 2020.
  • Should more than half of the votes cast be in favour of the Plan, it will come into force as part of the statutory Development Plan for Ecton.

Earlier stages in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Neighbourhood Area Designation

The Parish was designated as a ‘neighbourhood area’ by the Borough Council of Wellingborough on 15th December 2014. The following documents can be viewed on the Borough Council’s website:

Application statement

Designation letter

Neighbourhood Plan Area map

  1. Ecton Neighbourhood Plan 2013 Questionnaire

A questionnaire was sent to every residence in the parish as well as businesses and organisations.  It provided an opportunity for the local community to express their views on a number of issues and the questionnaire results influenced the preparation of the Emerging Draft Plan.

  1. Emerging Draft Plan

Consultation took place between 3rd October 2016 and 30th November 2016 on an Emerging Draft Plan. A consultation event was held in Ecton Village Hall on the 15th October.  A schedule summarising comments received and setting out the response of the Steering Group can be found in the Emerging Draft Summary of Representations and Responses.